X9 Security

Founded in January 2018, the X9 Security organization began as a simple Discord server where InfoSec enthusiasts could gather, share and learn. It aimed to foster collaboration on various hacker projects and challenges and to provide education for those interested in learning more about information security. A few months after its inception, the Discord administration shut down the server, believing that it was a criminal organization engaged in illegal activities. After proving their innocence to the admins, the X9 Security Discord server was re-opened, and it quickly grew to become much more than just a chatroom.

Since then, X9 has started a website and forum, numerous social media outlets, and even a GitHub repository where its members can collaborate on projects. All of these developments have further promoted the organization’s core ideals and mission: to foster education, training, collaboration and growth within the hacker community.

X9 focuses primarily on the theories, trends, and concepts that drive the future of the information security industry, while simultaneously seeking to understand the tools, technologies and techniques employed by present-day hackers and security professionals.

X9 Security was one of the three First Founders of the MetaSec Network.

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