Nginx Reverse Proxying by Domain

X9 admin TorHackr is at it again, publishing his second article this week! This time, he covers the topic of reverse proxying with Nginx and how to create a proxying server to route outside connections to internal addresses based on the domain being requested. This is a handy introduction that would be useful to anyone looking to set up an at-home or small-business website. Check out the article on his website! [Read More]

Grabbing HTTP Request Data with Python and Flask

X9 admin TorHackr has created an interesting tutorial on how to harvest information from incoming HTTP Requests by using Python and the Flask library. He demonstrates how useful information, such as the user’s IP address, operating system, and browser type, can be extracted from HTTP headers, even when the Flask application is hosted behind a reverse proxy such as Nginx and Lighttpd. Check out his article over on his website!