Saviors Hacking and More (SHAM) started as a hacker crew in mid-2017, mostly made up of script kiddies and beginners looking to improve their skills through practice and study. Since its inception, the founders of SHAM have honed their skills and shared their experience with other like-minded hackers within their community. They started a Discord server where they could collaborate on Capture-the-Flags (CTFs), Hack the Box (HtB), and other challenges that would help them (and their community) grow their skills and become better hackers.

In the course of SHAM’s existence, they have discovered 0days, completed bug bounties, and provided a lot of training and knowledge to new hackers who have shown an interest in the field.

Through their collaboration and efforts, SHAM hopes to improve security and raise people’s awareness and understanding of best practices, so that the internet will be a safer place for all.

SHAM focuses primarily on education through practical experience, employing hands-on activities and team challenges to help improve users’ skills.

SHAM was one of the three First Founders of the MetaSec Network.

Discord Server